What to expect: Supernatural Powers, Mindfulness, Friendship, Science

Adopted as a baby by her Aunt Zeraida, Emaleen Barsan, age 11, is a precocious student destined to be something great. Everyday her aunt asks if she has met someone new or if anything unusual has happened. When she wonders why, her Aunt tells her that she has special gifts that she will soon become aware of.

Along with her close friend Skye Stewart, Emaleen loves to go on adventures looking for treasures. One day she finds a gem and this marks the beginning of a very eventful summer break. Her aunt announces that this summer she will begin teaching her some of the family secrets and trainings. It turns out that Emaleen has been born into a family that possesses the power of supernatural insights—a family of seers. She must study hard and practice self-control if she is to harness her own special talents and unique connection to animals. While she studies with her aunt, a seer with a troubled past, Maerdern, poses a threat to Emaleen. For many years, Maerdern has been seeking a young and powerful apprentice that would aid him in his ambitions to become the most powerful seer.

B.S. Gibbs has created a compelling plot that rides largely on premonitions, Emaleen’s self-awareness, and a more mysterious kind of magic than traditional wizardry. The story is dialogue rich with lots of conversation. Learning for Emaleen equates to the reader’s education of the world Gibbs is creating for the series. The characters are well developed and the suspense builds steadily throughout.

The Peerless Seer is an enjoyable middle grade novel for those that dabble in fantasy, treasure hunting, science and nature, or all of the above. With a healthy amount of mindfulness lessons scattered throughout the pages, it’s also, surreptitiously, a therapeutic read. Recommended

Reviewed by Carol Coetzee for Readers' Favorite

The Peerless Seer is a most enchanting children's tale written by B.S. Gibbs. Emaleen is an 11-year-old girl, living with her aunt and uncle in a small town. Her best friend, Skye, lives nearby and the girls have a close bond and spend a lot of time exploring the lakes and woods. One day, during an outing to the lake with Skye, something strange happens to Emaleen. She is mystified by this, as is Skye. She tells her aunt about it when she gets home. Her aunt then explains to Emaleen that she is a seer and has mystical powers which are beginning to emerge, and it is time to start training her in the correct usage of these powers. So begins the story of Emaleen.

This is a most intriguing and charming tale by B.S. Gibbs. In The Peerless Seer, we delve into a mystical world of magic and fantasy. An interesting theme for a series of novels, which promises to fascinate both young and old alike. The foundations of the story are clearly and cleverly laid out in this first novel, and promise to be even more interesting as the series progresses. The Peerless Seer also contains moral elements that are important to teach our children, such as responsibility, kindness, and empathy towards all people and living creatures. This message comes through very clearly from the wise teachings of Aunt Zeraida. I loved the book and the uniqueness of the story and look forward to future novels. Further adventures will certainly be interesting as there are several books still to be published in this series. I am sure that Emaleen is going to become a firm favorite with youngsters!

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Reviewed by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers' Favorite

B.S. Gibbs’ The Peerless Seer's Gambit is another powerful entry in the Emaleen Andarsan series, an exciting and engaging story for young readers, an adventure featuring courageous characters in a thrilling world of magic. Emaleen Barsan is only twelve when she discovers her extraordinary gifts. Yes, she is different, and at the start of the story, she’s just defeated the evil Seer, Maerdern, in a very dangerous battle. Now transported into an invisible realm, she safely works on harnessing her magical skills. But will she be able to complete her training before the evil Maerdern finds her location and comes looking to exact his revenge? A tale of magic and courage that will find a privileged place in the hearts of young readers and fantasy lovers.

The Peerless Seer's Gambit scores great success on different levels. First off, the story has a powerful hook and readers want to follow the young and gifted girl through her conflict with a formidable adversary. But readers will want to know what the protagonist can do with her powers. Can she master her powers and use them for the service of those she loves or will she become a victim to her powers, unable to get a complete handle on them? B.S. Gibbs creates very interesting characters and it is enjoyable to watch the protagonist develop from an uncertain young girl to a mature adult, capable of embracing her path and taking responsibility for her destiny. The prose is beautiful and it features wonderful descriptions and images that will stay with readers long after they have turned the last page of this fast-paced and conflict-driven story.

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