My kids and I love to read when we're not creating stories of our own. Here are some of our favorite reads of 2016:

My choices:

The Du Lac Chronicles  is an thrilling story about the descendants of Lancelot du Lac of Arthurian Legend fame.  I just couldn't put this one down. It was full of action and included a tastefully written romance. And, as a fan of all things King Arthur, it met my high expectations. The series continues with the Du Lac Devil, another compelling page turner.

My son's choices:

The Gallery of Wonders Series (Magora) is an amazing fantasy series for kids. The first in the series has won numerous awards. It's an action-packed tale that spins fantasy with art. My son raves about this series can't wait for the fourth installment of the series.

The Adventurer is a creative, fast paced story that kids will enjoy. It is about a treasure hunter who must find something special to accomplish a worthy task.  The story was suspenseful and addictive.

My daughter's choices:

The World of Shades is a captivating story about a young woman who is cursed by another's magic. My daughter loved this book and highly recommends it. She liked how the main character went through so much misery but kept herself positive and working on her goal of getting home.

The Emaleen Andarsan Series Book Series For Kids

Favorite Reads of 2016