The Emaleen Andarsan Series is about Emaleen Andarsan, an 11 year old with magic abilities. The book series chronicles the dangers Emaleen faces as a result of her powers.

The Peerlees Seer is the first book in the series. In the Peerless Seer, Emaleen first learns of her magic abilities. She lives with her aunt, Zeraida, who mysteriously asks her every day whether anything unusual has happened at school. Shortly before the end of the school year, Emaleen starts to discover why her aunt has been asking her this question every day. Emaleen also starts to learn about her personal background, her personal gifts and talents that she has inherited from her family, and a difficult challenge to come that she must face. Along her journey towards the challenge that she must face, Emaleen discovers she has many people who love her, and who are there to assist and protect her.

The story continues in The Peerless Seer's Gambit and The Peerless Seer's War. The 4th installment (not yet titled) will be out January or February 2018.

Finding the courage to realize your destiny and harness your potential is never easy, but in Emaleen’s case, it could mean the difference between life and death.


Cover Art for The Peerless Seer, The Peerless Seer's Gambit, and The Peerless Seer's War by:

Anca Gabriela Marginean

B Rose DesignZ

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The Emaleen Andarsan Series

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